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Application monitoring helps analyze various factors that impact application performance and optimizes performance for an elevated end-user experience. Monitor your application diligently with Site24x7's application monitoring tool.

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Application Monitoring - Site24x7

Analyze performance with our real-time application monitoring tool

Monitor custom scripts, optimize front-end performance and get alerted whenever there is a threshold breach.

Understand application behaviour and isolate bottlenecks

Track every transaction that happens and optimize them before end users are affected. Capture exceptions as they occur and eliminate slow queries. Site24x7's APM Insight allows you to get detailed performance metrics to identify slow database calls, background transactions and overall performance of the application with interactive representations.

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Monitor custom metrics with plugins

One size does not fit all. And that's why we have brought our open environment of extensive integrations to meet your specific monitoring requirements. Specify your custom metrics and monitor your application as per your need.

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Test your application from global locations

Real browser monitoring enables you to check the loading time of webpages and response time of CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax calls prior to your application launch. Chart out custom workflows and user critical interactions and test them on a real browser using synthetic monitoring. Compare user behavior trends by simulating user critical interactions from more than 120+ global monitoring locations.


 Application monitoring from global locations - Site24x7

Measure end user experience in real time

Understand how your application performance is impacted by various external factors. Compare and analyze your application behavior from various geographies and ISPs to ensure a smooth end user experience. Track and monitor your JavaScript calls and eliminate time consuming requests with Real user monitoring.


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Benefits of monitoring with Site24x7 Application Monitoring Tool

End to End Monitoring made Easy

Monitor your entire application stack from URLs to databases with unmatched visibility.

Monitor 50+ Application Integrations

Monitor various attributes of your application with our open ecosystem of plugins.

Test Transactions from Global Locations

Simulate user critical interactions and test your applications from over 120+ monitoring locations.

Quickly identify application slowness

Track your website visitors and analyze your metrics in real-time to enhance end user experience.

Application Monitoring Tool - Site24x7

Hear it from our customer

Site24x7 has been a valuable asset for rSmart Operations. It provides a wide-range of easily configured resource monitoring that works regardless of physical or virtual location. It also allows us to focus on expanding our CloudOps and SaaS footprint in a just-in-time approach with a monitoring tool that scales as rapidly as we do. It's affordable, reliable, and the Site24x7 team is responsive and knowledgeable.

Todd Yates

VP Operations, rSmart

Overview of application monitoring

What is application monitoring?

Application monitoring is a method of ensuring that an application operates and performs as effectively as possible. Application monitoring includes continuously measuring and reviewing key metrics, tracking performance bottlenecks, and fixing errors in the application.

Adding an application monitor helps developers measure the application's health with information resourced from key performance metrics such as application availability, errors, resource usage, and performance variations over time. This data is used to improve the end-user experience.

Why is application monitoring important?

Application monitoring solutions track core business applications and notifies users of performance issues. This helps with:

  • Fixing issues before they cause service interruptions or a downtime in your applications.
  • Providing a unified view of various events and their correlations through application dependency mapping.
  • Assisting developers with optimizing the application by tracking different performance and utilization metrics, thereby elevating the customer's experience.

How does the application monitoring process work?

Application monitoring services help collect and analyze vital data by instrumenting application code using language-specific agents, APIs, and distributed tracing. With an application monitoring tool, teams can benchmark key performance metrics of their application against preset baselines and identify abnormal variations in those metrics.

The resulting data is displayed via a comprehensive dashboard and analyzed using technology like AIOps to identify the root cause of issues like performance lags and resource unavailability. By narrowing down the problem, developers can contextually debug them.

Does application monitoring consider the end-user perspective?

End users are often the first to notice and report an issue such as a downtime in the application or service, making them one of the most effective application monitoring systems there is. However, this isn't a sound tactic from a customer experience perspective.

Investing in an application monitoring solution that tracks device health and front-end performance proactively enables organizations to diagnose and resolve issues before end users encounter them. With continuous monitoring, you can ensure that your website or application is up and running and loads fast, which leads to a fulfilling experience for your end users. So, yes, application monitoring takes the end-user perspective into account.

How can application monitoring tools help your organization?

Real-time application monitoring is imperative to ensure that your infrastructure stays functional and helps you mitigate issues before they occur. With an application monitoring tool, you can:

  • Reduce application or service downtime.
  • Improve the end-user experience.
  • Lower your operating expenses.
  • Improve developer productivity.
  • Improve visibility and prioritize business-critical tasks.

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