Reliable Uptime Monitoring

  • Full-stack uptime monitoring for websites, servers, networks, and cloud services.
  • Downtime is a nightmare for organizations. Proactively monitor your IT resources with our real-time IT monitoring solution.
  • Check the availability of your websites from over 110 locations worldwide at a 30-second poll frequency and address downtime issues before they can impact your customers.
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Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitors for websites, servers, networks, and cloud services

Website uptime monitoring

Identify website downtime issues from your customer vantage points

Monitor the uptime and performance of both IPv4- and IPv6-enabled websites from over 110 locations around the globe. You can also configure internal networks as locations and monitor the uptime between branch offices using Site24x7 On-Premise Poller. Test the uptime every 30 seconds and receive instant alerts if websites are down from any of the monitored locations using Site24x7 Website Monitoring.

Website uptime monitoring
Server uptime monitoring

Server uptime monitoring

Avoid server overloading with reliable server uptime monitoring

When a server is down, the other servers in the grid take up the additional load, which can create more issues. Server uptime is critical to ensure that all the resources deployed on your servers are available and running. It maintains the brand's reliability, which is why server uptime has to be checked frequently. Check the availability of all your servers every minute. Additionally, ensure the uptime of process and services using Site24x7 Server Monitoring. Site24x7's no-false-alert mechanism ensures you can rest easy knowing you won't be bogged down by false alarms.

Network uptime monitoring

Guarantee seamless network operations

Network downtimes can stall business operations. Effective network monitoring requires monitoring your network devices and their interfaces 24/7 and in real-time. Ensure that your network operations are uninterrupted by detecting and eliminating network performance issues.

Network uptime monitoring
Cloud uptime monitoring

Cloud uptime monitoring

Be confident with your cloud service uptime

Are you migrating your workloads to the cloud? Confidently deploy the cloud resources in Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and leave uptime monitoring to Site24x7's cloud monitoring. You can perform uptime checks for all application workloads running on public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms using Site24x7.

The right set of features for your uptime monitoring needs


Use root cause analysis (RCA) to analyze the reason behind your outages.


Track your service status, define service level agreements (SLAs), and build your business credibility.

Uptime accuracy

Monitor the uptime of your resources with availability percentages up to four-digit accuracy.


Build custom dashboards of your choice to view the status of key monitors at a glance.


Obtain availability summary reports among other reports to see the uptime trends of all your monitors.

Instant alerts

Receive instant alerts on downtimes via emails, SMS, voice calls, RSS feeds, and mobile app push notifications.

Integration with common ITSM tools

Receive alerts through different IT service management (ITSM) tools you use, like Jira, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow.

Mobile app

Monitor resource availability from anywhere on the go using our Android and iOS apps.

Status pages

Communicate service disruptions, planned maintenances, and real-time statuses to customers transparently using status pages.

More than just uptime monitoring

Obtain detailed performance metrics for all your websites, servers, applications, networks, and cloud resources to ensure the perfect digital experience for your users. Site24x7's advanced monitoring capabilities include anomaly detection, AIOps, public dashboards, SLA reports, and more.