Advanced Diagnosis of Web Page Components with Performance Insights

Use Web Page Speed (Browser) to detect components that slow down the loading time of the web pages in real time, across global locations.

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Web page analysis using a real browser.

Render your website using a real browser (Firefox) in real-time. Find and troubleshoot website components that affect customer's end-user experience.

component analysis

Analyze and optimize your webpages with PageSpeed Insights.

Analyze all components of the web page including CSS, images, links loaded from third party websites and AJAX requests. Verify website content accuracy, and detect errors instantly. Accelerate your web page by making use of the PageSpeed score and PageSpeed suggestions.

deep web page analysis

Track response time of individual components

Keep track of the DNS time, connection time, first byte time, last byte time, and the page load time and identify the stage at which the delay occurs.

component response time

Global monitoring with instant alerting.

Track website availability and performance from more than 110 locations globally. Get in-depth insight into how your websites behave when accessed from multiple locations. Receive instant notifications via Email, SMS, Voice, IM, and Push Notifications in case of an outage or content breach. Address issues before end users are affected.

global monitoring

Get customized reports.

Capture critical statistics with exhaustive reports to keep track of metrics that matter the most. The various reports that are generated are:

  • Availability summary report.
  • Busy hours report.
  • Health trend report.
  • Performance report.
custom report

Global Apdex benchmarking.

Measure end-user satisfaction with Apdex Scores. Get visibility into region wise customer satisfaction level and identify performance bottlenecks in a specific region.

apdex score

Analyze your web page's speed and go beyond uptime.