Google Cloud Monitoring

Google cloud monitoring helps you gain real-time visibility into your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. Gain actionable insights on multiple public clouds and a hybrid cloud environment with our AI-powered GCP monitoring tool.

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Google Cloud Platform Monitoring Tool - Site24x7

Full-stack monitoring for your Google cloud

Full-stack discovery

Auto-discover and monitor Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google App Engine (GAE), Google Kubernetes Engine, VPC, Cloud IAM, Cloud Audit Logging, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, and more.

Automation for incident remediation

Respond instantly to performance issues by auto-resolving problematic resources using Site24x7’s IT Automation tools. Set up fail safes and handle event alerts without any manual intervention.

AI-powered performance monitoring

Identify and detect the root cause of a problem quickly with our AI engine. Better understand anomalies, dependencies, and events, and resolve issues before end users are affected.

Enterprise hybrid cloud environments

Multi-cloud monitoring from one console. Monitor GCP, Microsoft Azure, and AWS by collecting data on your organization's operations, resource usage, & cloud capacity planning to address issues proactively.    

Key features of the GCP monitoring tool

Custom dashboard for GCP monitoring

Custom dashboards for smarter operations

Focus on the data you wish to see, receive answers to critical questions on your GCP resource usage, and see availability of the entire GCP stack—all in one dashboard. Add your own charts, explore the various metrics that Site24x7 collects, and build business-wide dashboards to view data across various GCP product.

Implement more than 100 plugin integrations

Address all your application needs from code to customer experience. Monitor the applications using Site24x7's more than 100 ready-to-use plugin integrations including MySQL, WebLogic, Redis, NGINX, Hadoop, and many more or build your own plugin and start monitoring your applications, databases, and more.

 100+ plugins for Google cloud monitoring
Monitoring GCP infrastructure

End-to-end serverless architecture monitoring

Get deep visibility into the performance of your serverless FaaS platform like Google Cloud Functions. Setup automatic discovery and add GCP products to your monitoring portfolio with a single click. Configure alerts to stay on top of performance issues, and get real-time visibility on serverless use and performance.