VMware Monitoring

VMware Monitoring is the process of monitoring resources like servers, hosts, and VMs in your VMware environment. Locate the source of potential issues using performance metrics including CPU, memory, storage, network, and disk usage. Ensure that your resources are properly utilized so that there is no over-commitment or under-provisioning. Detect anomalies and forecast future trends using the Site24x7 VMware Monitoring tool.

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Complete vSphere performance monitoring

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Stay on top of your CPU, memory, disk, and network metrics. You can also obtain details about the associated data centers, clusters, and ESX/ESXi hosts.

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Analyze VM operations in a cluster along with vSphere High Availability, Distributed Resource Scheduler, CPU, memory usage, and storage.

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Monitor the CPU, memory, network, and disk utilizations, latencies, read-write rates, hardware sensors, along with the inventory details of the associated VMs and datastores.

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Virtual Machine

Keep track of CPU, memory, and disk utilization, and data transfer to and from a virtual machine (VM), all agentless. Additionally, you can view the VM space split up in associated datastores.

View different storage and latency metrics that help with planning storage requirements and space distribution. You can also view the complete space split up including snapshots.

Monitor VMs that are powered on or off, CPU and memory reservations and limits, and child resource pool metrics to avoid resource contention in CPU and RAM.

Manage space requirements by tracking the age and size of individual snapshots, their impact on the associated datastores, and avoid VM performance issues.

VMware performance monitoring

Capabilities of Site24x7 VMware performance monitoring tool

Automatically discover and map your entire vSphere environment, from data centers to VMs, in real time. Get a complete performance management console for your entire server infrastructure. Monitor different CPU, memory, disk, and network metrics from time to time to understand how each component is performing. Obtain performance metrics at the host level, VM level, and guest OS level, and correlate them for complete vSphere performance monitoring. Avoid resource contention and optimize resource allocation so you can ensure your capacity planning is also accurate.

Monitor the health of VMware hardware

Troubleshoot problems with hardware health

Monitor the health of ESX/ESXi host hardware components such as CPU processor, memory, fan, temperature, voltage, power, storage, battery, and Watchdog with threshold settings and alerts.

Assess datastore performance

Analyze I/O performance metrics by measuring latency and read and write speeds for every host and VM connected to the datastore. Identify whether you have too many VMs or poor disk performance.

VMware performance monitoring tool - Site24x7
Analyze snapshot behavior using VMware monitoring tool - Site24x7

Handle VM space issues by understanding snapshot behavior

Snapshots are the first place to look when a VM is slow or a datastore is full. View the snapshot space split-up categorized VM-wise, and learn how much percentage of your VM space is occupied by snapshots. You can also predict datastore snapshot space with AI-powered insights.

Monitor CPU, memory, and network usage

Measure active CPU and memory usage for each guest VM, and reduce memory size to free up unused memory for other VMs. Identify your network performance by monitoring network usage and bandwidth at the host and VM levels.

VMware VM Performance Metrics
Instant alerts and reports

Receive instant alerts

Configure AI-based threshold limits for all key performance metrics, and receive instant alerts on the mediums of your choice. Take remedial actions and receive SLA reports, custom reports, top N reports, health trend reports, and more, right in your inbox. Also, receive instant alerts when your VMs become orphaned so that you can take necessary actions like re-registering or removing them from the inventory.

Monitor VMware VDI

Keep VMware virtual desktops and remote workstations operating efficiently by monitoring VMware Horizon using Site24x7. Stay on top of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by monitoring the health and performance of desktop pools, application pools, and virtual machines (VMs).

VMware monitoring tool to Monitor VDI connections - Site24x7

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Why Site24x7 is the best VMware monitoring tool?

Metric-level Thresholds

Set individual thresholds for various VMware performance metrics.

AI-powered Predictions

Predict the next 7-day trend for VM and datastore space metrics with AI and ML-powered insights.

Out-of-the-box Reports

View top N reports on various VMware resources based on their key metrics.

Third-party Integrations

Integrate with team software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and more.

Versatile Alerting

Get SMS messages, emails, voice calls, push notifications, and RSS feeds.


Interactive graphs with real-time performance metrics of virtual resources for a complete vSphere monitoring.


Monitor Apache Tomcat, MySQL, and over 50 other applications running on your VMs.

Mobile App

Monitor your virtual resources on the go via Android and iOS apps.

Setting up VMware monitoring is easy


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Install an On-Premise Poller on any network that has access to your virtual infrastructure.


Auto discover and monitor your virtual environment.

Resources for comprehensive vSphere monitoring

FAQs on VMware performance monitoring

What is VMware vSphere?

VMware vSphere is the server virtualization product of VMware that serves as a platform for implementing and managing VMs. It consists of vCenter, ESXi/ESXi hosts, VMs, datastores, and resource pools that ensure virtual servers stay up and running.

What is the difference between VMware and vSphere?

vSphere is a server virtualization product, and VMware is the cloud computing and virtualization technology company that produces vSphere. VMware has a suite of solutions for modern apps, multi-cloud, and digital workspaces; vSphere is one among them for implementing and managing VMs.

What is VMware monitoring?

VMware monitoring is an IT process that involves monitoring different VMware resources for their availability, uptime, and performance. These VMware resources include components like vCenter, hypervisors such as ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs, data stores, resource pools, snapshots, and other hardware and software components that reside in a VMware environment.

How do I monitor my VM performance?

You can monitor the performance of your VMs using a VM performance monitoring tool like Site24x7. With Site24x7, you can monitor the VMs across virtualization platforms and your hybrid cloud. To monitor VMware VMs, install the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller, then add the VMware ESX/ESXi host associated with your VM for monitoring by providing the necessary credentials.

As the VMs are discovered and auto-added for monitoring, Site24x7 will start collecting VM performance data from VMware APIs and provide more monitoring insights than what the vSphere client provides. You can obtain various VM details and metrics, like space, CPU, network, memory, and disk utilization. You can also obtain VM space predictions powered by AI.