Mobile Application Monitoring

Site24x7 Mobile APM gives you visibility into mobile app performance and helps resolve issues that affect end-user experience.

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Mobile APM

Tackle Performance Issues to build Awesome Mobile Applications

Monitor User Experience on Native Mobile Apps

Gain real-time insight into end-to-end performance with mobile application performance monitoring. Monitor your mobile app response time and throughput of each transaction.

Segment Performance by Device and Carrier

Determine mobile user preferences by device and carrier type. View response time and throughput data based on OS and App version.

Monitor by Geographic Regions

Discover regions affected by poor app performance. Understand how response time, and throughput affect your app's performance.

Troubleshoot Issues using Crash Analytics

Understand how and why your application crashed. Analyze the finer details like the percentage of crashes over a time period, corresponding devices and the affected users. Learn More.

Monitor web application´s response time and throughput of individual web transaction.

Application Monitoring for Cloud Platforms

Monitor all your applications accessing different AWS and Azure services.