Azure Monitoring

Monitor your entire Azure cloud infrastructure and obtain detailed insights on the availability and performance of over 100 Azure services. Achieve near real-time Azure monitoring with status update alerts and out-of-the-box reports.

Bring down the resolution time and improve end-user experience with best practice recommendations from our Azure monitoring tool.

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Azure Monitoring Tool

AI-powered Azure monitoring tool

Monitor Azure infrastructure

Monitor 100+ Azure resources and analyze the performance of your entire Azure environment by monitoring and tracking the performance of IaaS services, such as virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes, and PaaS services like App Service, Event Hubs, and SQL database.

Monitor Azure applications

Get complete visibility into the performance of your Azure apps, identify critical application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures.

AI-powered Microsoft Azure monitoring

Detect in real-time any deviations or unusual spikes in performance metrics to maintain optimal health of your services and stay ahead of downtime using our Azure monitoring tool.

Automate fault resolution

Automate incident remediation with IT Automation and make your IT operations more agile and efficient. Stay ahead of potential issues and act proactively without any manual intervention.

Single-step authentication and discovery

Auto-discover Azure resources and start monitoring key performance metrics in a single click. Set up alerts, associate tags with resources, automate actions, and analyze trends.


Manage customer accounts securely and support their capabilities and endpoints from a single dashboard. Promote with a customized logo, URL, and utilize individual operational roles to monitor customer accounts.

Better insights than your Azure Monitor

Azure monitoring tool - Site24x7

Single-pane Azure performance monitoring

Gain overall visibility into the different types of Azure services in a single glance via the Inventory Dashboard and improve the performance of your Azure resources with insights on subscription-level events, operational data, and status of all operations that occurred in your Azure environment.

Ensure optimal performance of your Azure services

Get access to best practice checks to optimize costs, increase the performance, and reliability of all your Azure services via Guidance Report. View these recommendations grouped based on different priority levels and choose the frequency to share the reports using the Schedule Reports feature, and send out email updates to configured contacts.

Azure performance monitoring - Site24x7
Azure performance monitoring & forecasting - Site24x7

Stay ahead of performance issues with Azure Forecasting

Predict trends for Azure performance metrics based on historical observations for services like Virtual Machines (VM), Sites, Databases, and App Service Plans using machine learning and traditional time series forecasting models like exponential smoothing.

End-to-end Microsoft Azure performance monitoring

Analyze the health of your entire Azure infrastructure in a single view by gaining visibility into resources, VMs, containers and orchestration, logs, events, and more. Monitor your cloud services, applications, and dynamic infrastructure from one console.

End-to-end Microsoft Azure performance monitoring solution - Site24x7

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Site24x7 is quite useful and is easy to operate. You have the visibility of everything in one panel. It reduces our efforts, and you don't have to be super knowledgeable to use it. The information that Site24x7 gives us regarding the KPIs for some solutions is also quite helpful. I have also always found help from their support team. That is also why I would recommend Site24x7.

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