Linux Monitoring

Linux server performance monitoring is vital to identify performance issues that can interrupt continued functioning of business service. Thus, these tools play a key role in helping IT teams monitor Linux servers.

Site24x7's Linux monitoring tool supports various Linux distributions along with AI-powered insights, IT automation capabilities, real-time alerting, in-depth reports, customizable dashboards, and more.

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Linux server monitoring simplified

Linux performance metrics

Get visibility on your Linux servers with more than 60 performance metrics including load average, CPU, memory, disk, network bandwidth utilization, recent events, and Linux processes.

Process monitoring

Monitor the performance of services and processes running on Linux servers with metrics including thread count, handle count, individual CPU and memory usage of each of these processes.

Hadoop monitoring

Analyze overall health of Hadoop clusters and usage trends of Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). View status of individual DataNodes and detect abnormal growth of files/directories using exclusive dashboards.

Docker and Kubernetes Monitoring

Set up monitoring for containerized applications orchestrated by Kubernetes and Docker. Monitor critical resource metrics, events, and cluster status from docker and Kubernetes, in a single console.

Automate fault resolution

Automate incident remediation with Site24x7's IT Automation tools and make your IT operations more agile and efficient. Stay ahead of potential issues and act in advance without any manual intervention.

Monitoring for MSPs

Securely manage and get complete visibility into your customers' IT infrastructure and support their capabilities and endpoints from one console.

File, Directory, and Syslog Monitoring

Track changes to files, directories, and syslogs

Receive notifications for even the most minor changes that occur in your Linux server's ports, log files, directories, and Linux syslogs. Set thresholds by specifying keywords, severities levels, and facility levels, and receive instant notifications whenever these thresholds are breached.

Monitor metrics pushed via StatsD

Collect and aggregate metrics from your applications via the StatsD protocol and monitor key performance metric types including Timer, Counter, Gauge, and Set. Correlate metrics, set thresholds, build customized dashboards, and receive timely notifications on threshold breaches.

StatsD Metrics Monitoring

100+ Plugin Extensions

Redis Monitoring


MySQL Monitoring


NGINX Monitoring


Nagios Integration


Apache Zookeeper Monitoring

Apache Zookeeper

Elasticsearch Monitoring


Apache Kafka Monitoring

Apache Kafka

HAProxy Monitoring


ActiveMQ Monitoring


Apache Tomcat Monitoring

Apache Tomcat

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