Monitor all your .NET web transactions in one console.

Track the performance of complex .NET web transactions from the end user to database perspective, allowing your DevOps team to pinpoint bottlenecks in your application server, identify slow queries and correct them to increase application performance.

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Pinpoint slow .NET application code.

Using Site24x7's application performance monitoring solution easily identify slow internal invocations (methods) in the .NET code and trace the execution details for URLs. The trace will chart the sequence of internal invocations of the URL allowing you to drill down into transactions to view stack traces and SQL queries for slow or failed requests.

 Traces tab

Monitor your database calls.

Gain detailed performance metrics to identify the slow database calls, database usage and overall performance of the database with detailed graphical and tabular representations. Some of the things you can do for your database with our agent are:

  • Start tuning your database performance and diagnose slowdowns.
  • Find the most hit database tables, and determine if specific tables can be indexed well or a collection of queries for a transaction can be used as a stored procedure.
  • Find the busiest table and the most performed SQL operation on the table.
  • Find the most executed database operations and its response time.
 Database tab

Use APM Insight with Site24x7 IIS monitor.

Integrate your APM Insight .NET agent with your Site24x7 IIS monitor to gain a consolidated view of IIS server's health and performance bottlenecks. This integration will provide you with APM Insight's code level performance details as well as IIS monitor's overall application performance and health details in a single console.


Ensure a 360 degree view over your cloud environment.

Use Site24x7, and official AWS and Azure partner to monitor all your applications accessing cloud services. APM Insight .NET agent allows you to track applications accessing a wide variety of components in both Microsoft Azure as well as AWS environments.

You can also install Site24x7 Server and .NET monitoring tools directly from the Azure marketplace as extensions to your Azure virtual machines. For detailed information on how to do this, please check out our help page on the same topic.

Linux customization.

Track background transactions.

Apart from web transactions, track the various background tasks run by applications such as those associated with maintenance, schedulers, messaging etc.

Background tab

Monitor your custom .NET components.

Develop wider insights into your applications and effortlessly track performance of specific features or modules. Custom Instrumentation for .NET agent can be enabled by adding a pre-defined API.

Custom components

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