Network Mapping

Network mapping is the process of visualizing the devices on a network, their connections, and network structure using intuitive maps. While topology maps help eliminate faults by providing the device status directly on the map, Layer 2 maps display a logical network diagram. Understand network schema better with Site24x7's network mapping tool.

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Mapping the layer 2 and network topology

Simplify network infrastructure mapping with Layer 2 maps

Automate network discovery

Easily discover your network's layout by just specifying the seed node and IP range. You can also start monitoring devices directly from any Layer 2 map.

Pick your protocol

Site24x7 supports major protocols like ARP, CDP, FDB, IP route, and LLDP. Discover your network's physical interconnections using the protocol that suits your device type.

Pinpoint network outages

Map the performance of your critical devices and their interfaces to spot any network problems at a glance. Quickly drill down to the problematic device or link straight from the map.

Automate discovery with Layer 2 maps

Create your network schema with our network topology mapper

Organize your maps

Create a schematic description of your network topology by logically arranging your network devices and interfaces over a predefined or custom background manually. You decide what your map should look like.

View your network connections

Grab a quick look at your network hierarchy and device connections to understand how a device's performance can impact another. Thus, you can track issues even faster.

Avoid performance bottlenecks

Topology maps make it easy to identify the actual location of a problematic connection. Identify performance bottlenecks and resource outages instantly with maps by your side.

Create network schema with topology maps