Performance monitoring for Node.js applications.

Monitor and optimize the performance of all events and I/O operations in your Node.js applications for faster user experience.

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Gain end-to-end visibility into your application performance

Analyze application response time.

Track the response time of your applications and promptly identify issues. Since Node.js applications are single-threaded, a slight hiccup in one request may slow down another, which could negatively impact your application's response time.

Keep track of triggered events.

Track your triggered events and their sequences. Monitor the time taken for an entire event loop to occur, and assess its complete performance.

Find the root cause of errors.

Identify the root cause of errors and exceptions, and debug them with ease. By default, Node.js libraries only show you an error's stack trace up to the current event loop along with the event type, but with application performance monitoring, you can track an error's entire sequence.

Monitor the performance of I/O events.

Monitor the performance of asynchronous I/O calls. Analyze the time it takes for an I/O call to go from start to completion, and optimize your application performance.

Supported Components and Frameworks

Supported frameworks

How it Works?

Install Node.js agent in your applications to get started. Refer Node.js documentation for step by step guidance.

How it works