Monitor your Distributed DNS Infrastructure

Your Domain Name Server is critical to the availability and performance of your website, unsuccessful DNS forward lookups can result in downtime and intermittent errors affecting your user experience. Site24x7's DNS Server Monitoring capability continuously checks the availability and response time and lets you stay ahead of potential domain resolution errors.

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DNS Server Monitoring for your critical services.

Site24x7's DNS Server monitor continuously checks the availability and response time of your Domain Name Server, analyse forward DNS look up times and troubleshoot domain name resolution in case of timeout. Some key metrics which help you to monitor the health of your DNS server are:

  • DNS Response time: Shows the response time of your DNS server and the average response time from each monitoring location.
  • DNS record type: Displays whether the lookup type is available or not.
  • DNS record name and DNS search value: Checks whether the resolved record name matches with the configured search value.
dns record types

Resolve your domain name from 120+ global locations.

Obtain response time of your distributed DNS servers from our 120+ global monitoring locations. Troubleshoot domain name resolution and ensure minimum look up times for all your users regardless of their geographic.

global monitoring location

Address DNS configuration errors.

Identify and resolve possible causes for domain name server failures like, out of date DNS records, IP address restrictions and recursive server misconfigurations by resolving you domain name from our 90+ global monitoring locations.

response time from monitoring locations

Manage SLAs of DNS hosting providers.

Integrate your DNS Server monitor with our comprehensive SLA report and ensure your hosting provider abides by his service quality level standards in terms of availability and response time by providing minimum latency to all your clients around the world.

sla report

Comprehensive reports and summary.

Our exhaustive report section outlining performance, availability, heath trend, busy hours and response time elucidates and provides an in depth summary evaluation of your Domain name server. Our root cause analysis report gives you the ability to zero in on the exact cause for downtime. Keep track of errors and outage as it occurs.

availability and performance report

Stay on top of outages and errors.

Be proactive with your actions, identify potential DNS failure causes due to network issues, improper configuration, dynamic updates, inaccessibility to root servers, troubleshoot and resolve them before they affect your end users. Be immediately notified on downtime or unavailability via voice calls, SMS, IM, RSS feeds and push notifications (from our Android and iOS apps).

error and outage report