Application Performance Monitoring

Gain 360° view of your application with Site24x7 APM. Achieve end-to-end observability by tracking key application performance metrics to monitor and optimize the performance of your application in real-time with a scalable, AI-powered APM solution.

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Application Performance Monitoring

What is application performance monitoring?

Application performance monitoring (APM) refers to managing software applications to ensure optimal performance by gauging various key performance indicators and overall user experience. APM solutions identify application performance issues and other errors before it impacts real users.

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Monitor application performance across cloud, virtual, and physical servers

Add an app performance monitor to gain complete visibility into your application and your infrastructure stack. Analyze business-critical transactions, trace errors across microservices, and understand the impact of external components on application performance. Act before the impact using a real-time application monitoring tool.

Supported Platforms

Get in-depth insights on the health of your applications running on various platforms like .NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and PHP.

APM for Cloud-based Platforms

Monitor the key performance metrics of applications that access a variety of services on AWS and Microsoft Azure along with telemetry from your cloud environment.

iOS and Android Apps

Get detailed performance metrics of mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Enhance the end-user experience by resolving issues the moment they occur.

Log Management

View production information, application logs, and performance issues in the same console. You won't need access to production servers to troubleshoot servers.

Capabilities of Site24x7's application performance monitoring tool

Application Performance Monitoring Tool - Site24x7

Optimize response time

Monitor individual transactions across microservices and distributed architecture. Use distributed tracing to understand the ripple effect: how a request from one service leads to an error in another. Instantly identify and resolve errors and reduce mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to resolve (MTTR).

Understand external dependencies

Visualize application topology and gain a holistic view of your application architecture, from URLs to SQL queries. Identify component failure at a single glance and debug method level errors.

Web Application Performance Monitoring - Site24x7
Monitoring Application Performance- Site24x7

Monitor custom components and metrics

Mark business critical transactions as key transactions and track their performance at a glance. Instrument custom frameworks, components, and exceptions from cutom logs and analyze their performance with ease. Group key metrics using custom dashboards and debug issues contextually.

AI-powered alerts and reports

Prevent potential catastrophes with AI-powered alerts. Our anomaly detection engine, powered by machine learning and forecasting techniques, detects any unusual behavior or spikes in your application performance and notifies you immediately. This helps you take corrective action before your customers are affected.

Real User Monitoring

Obtain complete context

Understand how your application performance is perceived by end users across various geographies, in real time. Improve front-end performance by fixing JS errors, AJAX calls, and optimize page load time. Integrate APM Insight with Real User Monitoring (RUM) to obtain a unified view.

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Why choose Site24x7 Application Performance Monitoring tool?


Reduction in response time


Reduced DB calls


Reduced calls to external components


Optimization in SQL queries


Reduced exceptions

Overview of application performance monitoring

What is application performance monitoring?

Application performance monitoring (APM) is the process of understanding and optimizing your application behavior. APM helps you analyze application performance, gain a holistic view of how application components connect and communicate and in turn, helps you optimize end-user experience.

What are the benefits of application performance monitoring?

In today’s digital world, slow is the new down. A one-second delay can affect your business bottom line directly and impact your end-user experience. This is where application performance monitoring solutions come handy.

An application performance monitor helps you track various metrics like your application response time, throughput, errors, and exceptions in real time. Once you deploy your cloud-based or on-premises application performance monitoring tool, you gain access to real-time alerts and reports that help you evaluate and monitor your web application performance. AI-powered alerting and anomaly detection also come in handy for proactive monitoring.

By proactively monitoring your web application performance, you can understand how your application performs under various scenarios and optimize it accordingly.

How does an application performance monitoring tool work?

Application performance monitoring tools work by tracking the time taken by functions in your application code in real time. Typically, a monitoring agent is installed in the app servers that then instruments and collects performance metrics of key functions in well-known frameworks. The agent also allows customizing the instrumentation via configuration or API and groups the metrics by their event source, usually an HTTP/API request or a service/database call, to provide a bird's-eye view of the health and performance bottlenecks in the application.

What are the best practices for application performance monitoring?

To ensure the best outcome for your monitoring efforts, it is important to follow a set of rules, or rather best practices. Before you begin your monitoring journey:


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