Full Stack Observability

Gain visibility into your entire software stack from a single console.

With Site24x7's full stack observability platform, track metrics, traces, and logs that give you end-to-end visibility into the behavior, performance, and health of your applications.

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Uncover performance hurdles with a unified observability platform

Application Performance Monitoring for observability

Application Performance Monitoring

Get a complete picture of the performance and health of your application using Application Performance Monitoring (APM) .Gain in-depth insights using APM key metrics like apdex score, appserver throughput and response time.

Use APM tracing to identify and optimize slow background transactions before they affect end-users.

Use distributed tracing to monitor code flows across applications and to capture and eliminate exceptions that occur.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Obtain a comprehensive view into your infrastructure—be it websites, servers, hosts, network devices, and cloud resources—from a single observability platform.

Monitor, visualize, and troubleshoot the performance of the entire stack by correlating infrastructure health with application performance using dashboards with KPIs. Acquire deeper insights into your apps, systems, and services with plugin extensions and identify issues quickly using logs.

Full stack observability with infrastructure monitoring
Deep visibility with log monitoring

Log Monitoring

View logs from multiple sources using Site24x7's cloud native scalable log management solution.

Collect, consolidate, index, analyze, search, and manage logs from different applications and supporting infrastructure.

Easily debug logs using the centralized log management console, which includes querying functionality and trend analysis, for faster troubleshooting and investigation.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Deliver a consistent user experience across geographies and devices without being impacted by external factors like network latency, operational hiccups, trouble retrieving requested resources, and slow ISPs.

Gain real-time insight into end-to-end performance—including network, front-end, and back-end response times—and troubleshoot issues before they affect users. Deliver a seamless digital experience on both web and mobile using Real User Monitoring (RUM), synthetic monitoring, browser monitoring, and mobile application monitoring.

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